Tales and Flukes from Life in the Trees Fractal One Saving the Cosmos til TuesdayTales & Flukes from

Fractal One of
Saving the Cosmos
(โ€˜til Tuesday)

Author: Jim Loomis

The first in a four book
series โ€“ Saving the Cosmos
(โ€˜til Tuesday)
โ€“ Tales & Flukes from LIFE IN THE TREES depicts life at its flukiest.

Each book is conceived as a fractal of the whole; all are inspired by the authorโ€™s colorful life.

Fractal One: Tales & Flukes
Fractal Two: Strangefluke
Fractal Three: Superfluke
Fractal Four: Hyperfluke

Fractals Two, Three and Four will be published soon.


Jim takes us from his earliest impressions that led him to science and mathematics to living in nature and environmental activism.ย  With humor and unabashed bravura, he brings us to his unique view of the post-modern, post-bankster world.

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Fractals: Huh?

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