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Welcome to Saving the Cosmos (‘til Tuesday), your source for things and ideas from the iconic Maui character Jim Loomis, a.k.a. Zantar, a.k.a. Bong Quixote.

Zantar Publishing LLC is the result of family and friends coming together to make sure the worthy works of Jim Loomis reach the world.

Available for purchase are his first book, Tales & Flukes from LIFE IN THE TREES, Fractal One of Saving the Cosmos (’til Tuesday), and a beautiful poster of the classic Life in the Trees painting by John Severson (founder of Surfer Magazine).

            Life in the Trees

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Future: We’ll publish the next book in the four part series of Saving the Cosmos (’til Tuesday).

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The folks at Zantar Publishing LLC

About the Book

“At last we get to hear from this mind, this physicist of consciousness who has walked naked and splendid into the incredible opportunity that we all call life.  Each of his great little tales is a koan.”
— Paul Wood, writer

Here are 42 vignettes in chronological order from this man’s colorful life and fertile imagination.  With 300+ pages, lots of colorful photos, a glossy soft-cover and 14-point font, this 8" x 10" book is cozy to hold, easy on the eyes, and lovely on the coffee table.

 About the Author

Born in 1935 on the California coast during the Depression to educated parents, Jim grew up in a loving household of modest means where both Mom and Dad made do with civil service jobs, simple pleasures, and offbeat adventures.

Four fundamental traits have shaped his life: a keen intelligence; a whimsical nature; poor eyesight, albeit correctible; and a physique like Adonis; all leading to his unique view of the world and a remarkable confidence in it.

He attended public schools, earned a Master’s degree in mathematics, assisted in  research in artificial intelligence while working toward a PhD at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, taught mathematics in high school, began to write in the ‘sixties, then “dropped out” and moved to Maui in 1970.                                                                 Jim Loomis Mythic ProportionsThrough the years, his life has assumed mythic proportions. Jim is revered for his innate nobility, humor, and goodness. He stopped cutting his beard twenty years ago.

Jim vows to return to his treehouse where he lived for nineteen years and wrote this book. It was during this productive time that his book, Strangfluke won the "Best Over-All" award at the 1994 Maui Writer’s Conference.

For now, he lives on a small farm with his family, three cats, flocks of chickens, monarch butterflies, and random herds of feral deer.