Hello World!

All aboard for 42 short, life-changing, bedtime stories written over 42 years from a certified 60’s Hippie Maui Tree House. For adults, young and old.

Jim Loomis - Tales & FlukesWhy 42?

Remember? 42 was the answer to the Universe in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and is the new answer to the radius of the cosmic Horizon in billions of light–years; and, well … J. Lo’s age.

Welcome to this magic fractal ride. Strap in. Hold on!

Saving the Cosmos (’til Tuesday) – The first 11-dimensional holographic book – by Bong Quixote, takes off with Fractal One: Tales & Flukes from LIFE IN THE TREES.  

As Bong Quixote (at left) – a Pie-rater (sic pirateer) – I have channeled the 500 year old character from the world’s first great novel – Don Quixote – and am loaded for Bear* (not barely loaded).  

In my efforts to create a just and honorable world for knights errant  — by wresting it from the lobbyist Banksters and resuscitating a world dying under multi-national corporate control — I’m helping to create a Nature’s-Rights Movement to replace the disastrous property-only legal fixation that’s wasting the cosmos … instead of Saving the Cosmos … ’til Tuesday.

All aboard!   Life In The Trees is best digested with your favorite pie!

Let the pie-rating begin! ….Oh, and don’t forget to buy the book

* The Bear Story, by James Whitcomb Riley, is this author’s favorite bedtime story!


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  1. And now the blog begins:
    Bless this blog. May all these interactions lead to an increased sense of well being, or at least deepen our experience to expand our awareness and heighten
    vitality on Earth.
    You go Dad!!

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