Mailing Address:

Zantar Publishing, LLC                                                                           
P.O. Box 984
Haiku, HI 96708

Pay by Check or Money Order

To pay by check or money order, please send a note with payment for the total amount. If you want to receive autographed copies, please indicate this in your note.

The book Tales & Flukes from Life in the Trees costs $27.

The cost of the poster is $20.

Note: For orders shipping to addresses in Hawaii, please add the Hawaii general excise tax of 4%.

Shipping Costs:

We found the best price for shipping the books is by flat rate USPS.

1 book ships for $10.00 via USPS.
1 book ships for $30.00 via USPS Express Delivery.
2 to 6 books ship for $20.00 via USPS.
For larger quantities, please contact us directly.

International Shipments depend on the country being shipped to; please contact us for specific rates.

Large quantities of books can be sent parcel post, if you can wait 6-8 weeks.

We look forward to serving you.

Credits: Painting on splash page, “Enchantment” by Andrew Annenberg.